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2020 Mitsubishi L200 - interior Exterior and Drive

Mitsubishi L200 (2020)

The new Mitsubishi L200 (known as the Triton in some markets) has been developed to embody the Engineered Beyond Tough keyphrase which underlined its creation. Elements making it significantly more competitive include: More powerful styling that incorporates the latest iteration of the Dynamic Shield front design concept; an enhanced 4WD system that delivers improved off-road performance and the latest in active safety and driver assistance systems. Overall, the new model features significant refinements to the durability and reliability required by the commercial user and to the comfort and ride quality sought by the private user.

Powerful "Engineered Beyond Tough" Design

The new Mitsubishi L200 features a revitalized design under the concept "Rock Solid" that embodies, both inside and out, the full essence of its "Engineered Beyond Tough" development keyphrase - a toughness fully underpinned by engineering prowess and knowhow.

The front of the vehicle incorporates the new-generation "Dynamic Shield" front design concept: The high engine hood line and beefier-looking lamps located higher up give the new model a more powerful and imposing front end. Newly sculpted body curves with contrasting sharp lines, extended wheel flares and bright accents add modernity and embody the strength of a Mitsubishi Motors' truck. The lighting and bumpers become part of the tough design, framing the front and rear designs and adding visual width.

Inside, the restyled cabin of the Mitsubishi L200 expresses a modern and robust feeling with frame surroundings for the switch panel and air outlets. A high quality look is created by soft pad materials and stitching on the floor console, armrests and parking brake.

4WD System Delivers Enhanced All-Terrain Performance

New Mitsubishi L200 4WD models are fitted with either Super-Select 4WD, which delivers optimum traction and handling characteristics for any given surface, or Easy-Select 4WD, which simplifies switching between drive modes for different road surfaces. With the addition of new drive modes, both 4WD systems deliver improved off-road performance.

Both Super-Select and Easy-Select 4WD systems use a new Off-road Mode which has GRAVEL, MUD/SNOW, SAND and ROCK (in 4LLc only) settings. When engaged, Off-road Mode integrally controls engine power, transmission and braking to regulate the amount of wheel slip and thereby maximize all-terrain performance and self-extraction performance in mud or snow. Hill Descent Control electronically controls the speed to allow the driver to negotiate steep or slippery descents more safely and with more assurance.

Active Safety / Driver Assistance Systems

New Mitsubishi L200 retains the current model's high-durability, high-reliability ladder-type frame and high impact-safety cabin structure while featuring class-leading advanced active safety and driver assistance systems.

Systems providing all-direction safety and reassurance are:

Forward Collision Mitigation (FCM), which can detect vehicles and pedestrians ahead
Blind Spot Warning (BSW with LCA), which helps avoid sideswiping another vehicle when changing lanes by detecting vehicles behind or at the rear quarter and alerting the driver with an audible alert and flashing light in their door mirror
Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) which, in the same way, helps avoid collisions when reversing
Ultrasonic Misacceleration Mitigation System (UMS) which reduces accidents resulting from improper use of the accelerator when moving off or reversing in car parks and other confined spaces.

Providing convenient driver assistance are the Multi Around Monitor, which generates a bird's eye view image of the area around the vehicle, and Parking Sensors.

Pickup Truck Performance \u0026 Functionality

The new Mitsubishi L200 features many detail improvements, directed by the Engineered Beyond Tough development keyphrase, to the durability and reliability sought in commercial use and to the comfort and ride sought in private use. Braking performance and feel are improved with the use of larger front discs and calipers; ride is improved with the use of larger rear dampers which contain more damping oil and switching to a six-speed automatic transmission from the current five-speed auto to allow smoother, more powerful acceleration and improved refinement.
Read More https://www.netcarshow.com/mitsubishi/2020-l200/


Новый L200 ПОРВЁТ всех? Оффроад-тест Mitsubishi Л200

Это рестайлинг 5-го поколения Mitsubishi L200 (Triton), но очень глубокий - новая коробка на 8 ступеней Aisin, новый дизайн, обновлённый интерьер. Мицубиси Л200 2019 по-прежнему предлагает 2 варианта полного привода: SuperSelect и EasySelect. OffRoad тест пикапа L200 по украинским Карпатам. Грязевые шины на ЕК: https://ek.ua/u/7ct2n/a

Саундтрек: «Не видавай» - Друга ріка - Піраміда (2017)

Backstage к тесту L200:

Цены и ТТХ Митсубиси Л200 2019 - https://mitsubishi-l200.infocar.ua/l200_id5726.html
Mitsubishi L200 2019 в Женеве -

Тест-драйв Мицубиши Л200 2016 -

Оффроад тест Митсубиши Паджеро Спорт -

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Срок действия: до 31 октября 2020
Ассортимент: вся розничная фасовка от 0,5 до 7л, включая 4+1, но за исключением скидочных позиций.

Сравнительный тест максимальных версий Мицубиси Л200 Хай Повер 181 сила и Нового Тойота Хайлюкс 2020 с мотором 200 л.с. на импровизированном внедорожном полигоне под Самарой. Коварность Горки-Неберучки в том, что при крутизне подъема всего 30 градусов, автомобилям приходится попутно преодолевать диагональное вывешивание и рыхлый грунт вперемежку с крупными камнями.
В сезоне 2020 до сих пор ни один тестируемый кроссовер и внедорожник горку не преодолел.

New Toyota Hilux 2020 (200 hp) vs. Mitsubishi L200 High Power (181 hp) offroad battle \u0026 drag race by auto blogger MrBURTSEV. Enjoy!


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